Maharishi Vedic Gardens

  1. Rik Veda Garden in the East
      (Main Garden)
  2. Southeast Garden
  3. Yajur Veda Garden in the South
  4. Southwest Garden
  5. Sama Veda Garden in the West
  6. Northwest Garden
  7. Atharva Veda Garden in the North
  8. Northeast Garden
  9. The Outer Gardens
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Rik Veda Garden in the East
(Main Garden)

‘From His first (eastern) face, He (Brahma, the Creator) created the Gayatri metre, the Riks (Rik Veda). . .’
—Kurma Puran, 1.7.57

Now when that egg (Hiranyagharbha, source of creation) split open, out of the anterior (eastern) mouth of Brahma (the Creator) whose origin is inscrutable, O Muni, came forth first the Rik hymns, at once resplendent as the flowers of the China rose, glorious in form . . .’
—Markandeya Puran, CII.1-2



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Southeast Garden

‘All trees, creepers, bushes that yield flowers and all those which are known to produce fruits, medical plants, as also Arka and other such trees, should be grown in the home garden.’
—Vishvavallabha, CIII.24



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Yajur-Veda Garden in the South

‘From His right (southern) face, He (Brahma, the Creator) created the Yajur Mantras, the Traishtubha metre.’
—Kurma Puran, 1.7.58

'Out of His (Brahma’s) right (southern) mouth issued the Yajus hymns, unimpeded, coloured like the colour of gold . . .’
—Markandeya Puran, CII.3



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The Southwest Garden

Devata (lively impulses of the Laws of Nature) reside with pleasure in places which abound in water and gardens, whether natural or otherwise.’
—Varahamihira’s Brihat Samhita, I.LVI.3


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Sama Veda Garden in the West

‘He created from the western face, the Saman Mantras, (Sama Veda) . . . the Jagati.’
—Kurma Puran, 1.7.59

‘Out of the posterior (western) mouth of the Lord Brahma, who is highest of all, were revealed the Saman hymns . . .’
—Markandeya Puran, C11.4



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The Northwest Garden

‘The plants that are brown, and those that are white; the red ones and the speckled ones; the sable and the black plants, all (these) do we invoke.’
—Atharva Veda, 8.7.1



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Atharva Veda Garden in the North

‘From His northern face, He (Brahma, the Creator) created the Atharva Veda, Anushtubh metre.’
—Kurma Puran, 1.7.60

‘The entire Atharvan then resplendent as a mass of black pigment or a cluster of bees . . . became manifest out of the Creator’s left (northern) mouth.’
—Markandeya Puran, CII.5



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The Northeast Garden

‘And again, while standing towards northeast, in that corner is the gate of the world of Heaven. Hence, (it is) standing with his face towards northeast that one offers libations and standing towards northeast that one leads up the Dakshinas; it is by the gate that he thus makes him enter into the world of Heaven.’
—Shatapatha Brahmana, IV.6.2.4



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The Outer Gardens

‘Trees alone on the earth give happiness both here and hereafter. Since they “save” from abject poverty they are named “Taravah” (the saviours).’
—Vrikshayurveda (The Science of Plant Life), Verse 97